We are extremely proud and honored to be involved in so many paint schemes ranging from somebody's 10-year RV build, to scheming serial #1 off the production line and all the way to the 3 time World Champion's aircraft. We understand the pride and joy, the sweat and tears and the sense of accomplishment that goes into putting the finishing touches on your project. We haven't been around for 25 years, but we have been around long enough to do away with the "cookie cutter" paint scheme's and the boring "swoosh" down the side of the fuselage. Dream Scheme Designs represents a new era of aircraft paint scheme design. A more aggressive, more though out approach to your scheme or project. You've gone this far, don't settle for something that you see on the plane sitting next to yours on the ramp. We're pilots, aircraft builders and avid aviation enthusiasts here at Dream Scheme Designs and it reflects on what we produce for the customer.