"It has won awards at Sun n' Fun and Oshkosh in large part because of the beautiful work done by Dream Scheme Designs."

Stuart Parker

"Their capabilities are limitless. I know, because I've had them do it all! "If you can Dream it, they can Scheme it..."

Peter Reny

Microjet Airshows

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Dream Scheme Designs© is chosen worldwide be leading manufacturers and trusted by world champion airshow pilots and performers from around the globe. We've specialize in  creating a custom scheme for your personal aircraft, your fleet, car, boat or that high profile project that needs to grab everyones eyes for over 10 years. We think more of your project than just putting a "swoosh" down the side. We take pride in each and every project whether it be a logo, your aircraft or a flight suit. 

Dream Scheme Designs© is so much more than your average aircraft paint scheme design firm. We are essentially your aviation marketing solution. Our services include:

•Aircraft Scheme Design    •Logo Design     •Website Design     •Aircraft Concept Design    •Crew Shirt Design

•Flight Suit Design    •Marketing Advice    •Marketing and Sponsor Proposals    •Car and Airplane wraps

Aircraft Scheme Design & Marketing Specialists