Final Approved Draft

Once we have interviewed your personality and after we have all your likes and dislikes, we go to work. Dream Scheme Designs© creates  paint schemes that are outside the box. One contributing factor to Dream Scheme Designs' success is the fact we have customers contact us that don't want a "cookie cutter" scheme like everyone else. 

Rob Holland Aerosports  - Crew Shirt

Initial Identity

Factory 3-views

The evolution of a logo. From the first draft, to the final rendering.

Paul Bennet Airshows - Crew Shirt

Andrew Findlay - STIHL Racing Team

Forth Draft

Second Draft

Shirts, Crew Shirts and Flight Suits. We can do it all!

Realistic Shadowing

Third Draft

Although Dream Scheme Designs© has been designing paint schemes for over 10 years, the customer is always #1 and we are always open to the customers opinions and comments. We passio-nately design each scheme for you! So let's make it perfect, unique and something you'll be very proud of.

Dream Scheme Designs© uses a variety of software programs such as Solid Works, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, AutoCad, and 3D Max to design, import and export files and renderings to you or your paint shop. You just tell us what file types you need, and we'll make sure we provide it. We can accept files such as .ai, .eps, .pdf, .jpeg, .png, .bmp, .dfx, .dxe.

All of our 3-views come directly from the manufacturer or factory. This allows us to execute with precision. Each and every line is accurately displayed for concept replication for the paint shop or in your personal paint booth. We can provide scale drawings and dimensions as well as sized paint masks for application.  

First Draft

Will Allen Airshows - Crew Shirt

Dream Scheme Designs© takes a lot of pride in making our renderings and artwork look like it would sitting on your ramp or inside your hangar. With realistic shadowing and concept lighting, we can achieve this with precision. Our team of highly talented designers takes great pride in making each and every design come to life.

Final Tweaks

Scott Francis Airshows - Flight Suit

Rob Holland Aerosports - Flight Suit