Dream Scheme BD-5  airshow pilot - Peter Reny

Airshow Pilot - Scott Francis

STIHL Racing Team - Andrew Findley

Dream Scheme Designs® can provide all your aircraft paint scheme, aviation business development, web site, logo, aircraft concept design and vinyl wrapping needs.  We think more of you aircraft than a simple "swoosh" down the side.  We look forward to working with you and accommodating all of your aircraft paint scheme design needs. Our marketing and business development is skillfully crafted by Amanda. She has a long and successful career in aviation marketing with over 12 years of experience. Amanda brings a different angle towards marketing while at the same time understands where the industry is headed. Amanda achieved her degree in marketing at the University of Illinois where she was offered a position in marketing fresh out of school at the worlds largest r/c aircraft, car and boat manufacturer.

The lead designer and owner, Jason, is a professional pilot with over 6000+ hours and he's type rated in 3 different jets. In addition, he's a two-time World Champion in IMAC (international miniature aerobatic club) flying 200cc gas r/c aircraft. He was also invited to Beijing, China to do a private demo for the Commanding General of the Chinese Air Force. Jason is very dedicated to aviation and has always had a passion for doing aircraft paint schemes. Jason owns an RV-4 and just loves to get to fly-in's and meet new people to talk about all things aviation.

Dream Scheme Designs®, LLC is a family owned and operated business. We are very passionate and dedicated to all things aviation and it directly reflects on what we produce for the customer. Each and every scheme we produce is unique and striking. Your paint scheme will be one-of-a-kind and will not look like every other plane on the ramp. We are the industry leader in pricing and we'll beat anyones quote! Our realistic renderings provide you with a visual of what your aircraft will look like in person. Designed by pilots, inspired by pilots, for pilots.

3-time World Champion - Rob Holland

Rock n Roll Airshow Man - Will Allen

Dream Scheme Designs proudly sponsors these outstanding pilots